Which Information Technology Career is Right for You?

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Technology is certainly not going anywhere, and neither are its many jobs. So, if you’re looking into information technology as a possible career path, chances are you might’ve heard it is the promised land with jobs ripe for the picking. While that seems too good to be true, IT does show a poignant growth projection in the next few years alone.

An increase in overall technology translates to one of the largest skills gaps ever realized and, though you may be eager to get involved, maybe you don’t know which gap is right for you to fill. We’re here to help!

Here is a list of possible IT careers, their median salary, their projected 10 year growth, and what you need to know about each. If we can be of further assistance or information, let us know!

Common Information Technology Careers

Software Engineer

Median Salary: $102,280 per year

Projected Growth: 24% (Much faster than average)

Software engineers are behind the curtain of the programs that run on computers and mobile devices. They take part in the design, development, and testing of systems that enable personal technology to perform its many functions and applications. For instance, as businesses adopt cloud-based and virtualized strategies, there is a surge of demand for engineers that are able to develop secure programs. Technological advancements and a wide range of niche fields will allow software engineers to always be in demand.


Mobile Application Developer  

Median Salary: $102,280 per year

Projected Growth: 24% (Much faster than average)

Chances are that you or most people you know have a mobile device of some kind to communicate, do business, or access entertainment. Therefore, the world needs new and innovative mobile app developers to keep up with the demand for new and innovative apps. This industry has an IT skills gap due to its relatively new inception, which makes it a viable career option that is booming.


Web Developer

Median Salary: $66,130 per year

Projected Growth: 15% (Much faster than average)

Web developers design and build websites, among many other responsibilities. Individuals in this position should acquire an understanding of how a highly operational site runs including what users find visually stimulating, how much traffic the site can handle, how to optimize for speed and mobile tech, and more. As every business knows by now, if you don’t have a website, you’re virtually non-existent. This is why they need skilled individuals with proficiency in web languages, such as Javascript and HTML, to help them engage with this new generation of customers.


Database Administrator

Median Salary: $84,950 per year

Projected Growth: 11% (Faster than average)

With businesses accumulating more and more information that needs to be stored in the digital sphere, skilled database administrators are in high demand to help store and organize this mounting data. More importantly, data security is of vital importance due to the threats posed on sensitive information being connected to the cloud. Businesses are looking for administrators with information security certifications who can plan, coordinate, and implement security measures should the need arise.


Computer Systems Analyst

Median Salary: $87,220 per year

Projected Growth: 9% (As fast as average)

Computer systems analysts study a business’ current operating systems, as well as their procedures, and then architect a new solution to help their system run more efficiently. With increased reliance on technology and the drive to always advance and grow, organizations are looking for staff to fix problems and implement improvements. Additionally, IT consulting firms employ computer systems analysts, which offers an abundant amount of contract and freelance work.


Health IT specialist

Median Salary: $38,040 per year

Projected Growth: 13% (Faster than average)

Due to the major changes that continue to affect the healthcare industry, including the transition to electronic storage, health IT specialists are needed to keep everything running smoothly. Individuals in this field help organize and manage health information, which requires a mix of record-keeping, security, and computer knowledge. It is one of the quickest pathways into the IT profession with a relatively shortened degree program and a bright outlook of expansion. Particularly, cancer registry and medical coding and billing are two areas in high demand.

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Looking for a career should not be solely motivated by the number next to the average salary. Choosing one of these paths requires more research on things like opportunity for growth, possible switching from one specialty to another, and whether or not you need to fine tune your technical expertise with more schooling.

Focus more on what you want to achieve and where you think you’ll be most successful in that pursuit. Once you are more aware and have done your research, you can start on a worthwhile path. If you have more questions or would like help finding the right career, contact us!

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