How to Improve Your IT Candidate Hiring Process

By November 1, 2018May 8th, 2019Employment Services

Finding skilled workers in a competitive IT hiring market is all about knowing what the candidate wants, what you want, and how quickly and efficiently you can get to the bottom of those questions.

A recent study by Indeed found that if a company fails to fill their open position within the first 30 days, there is a 57% chance that it will remain open for three months or longer. This could have potentially serious consequences, such as missing out on profit if you don’t have the manpower to fulfill a need, increased downtime while others try to pick up the slack, and damage to your reputation when things inevitably fall through the cracks due to fewer hands available to catch them.

To avoid a loss like this, your hiring process needs to be up to snuff. You need to plan ahead and adapt your old hiring tactics to the new competitive IT candidate market. Here’s how…

Step 1.) Research the Current IT Market

The technology market changes almost as much as technology itself. You need to be aware of the evolving programs and roles. You also need to speak the same language as the people you’re interviewing.

Probably one of the most important steps to take during this initial research phase is looking at the market salary range. Setting a rate that’s too high can often turn out to be unsustainable. Having a rate that’s too low can drag out your search and produce lower-skilled IT candidates.

Let us help! Our IT staffing team always has a finger on the pulse of the IT market and can help you find the correct rate for your company’s needs.

Step 2.) Emphasize the Things They Are Looking For

IT candidates have room to be picky. A dollar amount is no longer the only motivating factor in choosing a job. You need to take every opportunity to distinguish yourself from every other 9-to-5 during the hiring process.

After researching the current IT market, you need learn what IT candidates are looking for. For example, room for growth, flexibility, and social responsibility are a few things that Millennials look for in an IT career. Emphasize your company culture and they’ll feel part of the team and excited about the position before they ever even step foot in the door.

Step 3.) Make the Hiring Process Short and Sweet

In a competitive market, it’s not uncommon for IT candidates to interview and talk with multiple other companies while you’re courting them. This is why keeping the hiring process quick and efficient can help retain the cream of the crop before they’re scooped up elsewhere.

Speed doesn’t always mean compromising quality; it just means having a streamlined screening process already set up. Get important decision makers together, evaluate what kind of candidate you’re looking for, and have everyone on the same page before you ever post a job opening and start accepting interviews.

Once you know what you’re looking for and have questions prepared, you should be able to learn all you need to know about a candidate in around two interviews. If you feel confident after just one, don’t delay too long!

Step 4.) You May Need to Lower Your Requirements and Expectations

If the hiring process is dragging on a bit long, you may need to reevaluate the requirements as well as your own expectations. You might’ve written the job posting while envisioning the perfect candidate. However, that’s not always realistic, especially in an ever-changing industry like IT. Not everyone is going to be familiar with the technologies your particular company uses, so if a candidate has a similar skill, then be flexible—you can always train!

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