Best Questions Employers Can Ask in a Job Interview

By May 6, 2019 May 8th, 2019 Employment Services, Hiring Tips & Tricks

Interviewing prospective employees is a crucial part of the IT staffing recruitment process. You may already have a standard list of questions specific to the position you’re hiring, but don’t forget the general questions you should always touch on in some capacity at every interview.

A new IT employee clearly needs to have experience on paper – but the way in which they answer these questions could be surprisingly revealing and indicate that they are a good fit in terms of culture. If you are conducting an interview, here is some inspiration on the best questions to ask:

1. Why do you feel you are a good fit for this position?

This question gives the individual the opportunity to dig deep and reveal what he or she believes will be most valuable to your company, how their skill sets match the duties of the job, and what they understand about performance expectations.

2. In your past employment, what accomplishments were you most proud of?

The candidate should be happy to offer up what they feel are their most impressive accomplishments. In the best case scenario, these accomplishments should be aligned with the duties of the IT job you are offering. During this section of the interview, listen closely for any complaints about former management or other employees, as this is a red flag that the employee could potentially be difficult to work with.

3. What is the most comfortable way you work with a team?

Some IT employees are great team members – and some are not. If the prospective employee does not appreciate direction, collaboration, and teamwork, but prefers to work independently, it may lead to trouble working with your established company structure. To be a good match for your business, IT employees may need the ability to work collaboratively with others on your team and within your organization.

4. What type of work environment do you feel best suits you as a person?

This question delves into whether the employee will be a good fit for your company culture. If the individual reveals that they are most comfortable in a quiet environment, while you have a communicative, highly-interactive group— this person may not be a good fit. To select someone that will be an asset to your company culture, you need to understand his or her concept of the ideal working environment and whether or not it matches.

5. What’s causing you to consider leaving your current employer?

If answered with complaints about a former manager or boss, you may be dealing with a person who easily becomes disgruntled. It also provides insight into what drives them beyond salary increases. A reply related to opportunities for growth, training, and advancement can reveal an individual who is interested in an opportunity to advance in their field, which is certainly a positive trait.

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