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Entering the workforce right out of college can be a stressful and scary time for most soon-to-be college graduates. Applying for jobs, getting interviews, and finding the right career path can all be challenges when moving from student to full-time employee. If you are a college graduate or a young professional looking to make a career change you came to the right blog.

Adaptive Solutions Group has multiple job openings for Technical Recruiters in the St. Louis and Kansas City area. We are looking for young, driven, enthusiastic individuals who are wanting to get experience in sales and business. ASG over the years has been successful in starting and growing young professionals in the business world. We currently have a handful of employees that started at ASG right out of college. We interviewed these employees to see what they had to say about their experience at ASG as young professionals.

Internal Employee Testimonials: 

“Since I am 22 and a recent graduate, I had no idea what qualities were important to me when looking for a job. What mattered to me that is that I had a job secured. Once I started interviewing with ASG and other companies, I realized that culture and growth are important things to look for when looking for companies to work at. During the interview, I was assured that both of those qualities were just as important to ASG as it was to me. I was given a tour of the office during my interview and could hear music playing in the pit and people laughing, this shocked me because I had this idea that work means you stay in an office and do your thing until it’s time to go home. Everyone was so friendly and outgoing yet professional. I knew that if I turned down an experience like this, then I would regret it.”

Audrey, Payroll Assistant 

“When I started my job search, company culture was a quality I was looking for. Moving to St. Louis and not knowing anyone, it was important to me to feel like the people I worked with were like family. I decided to accept the job with ASG, because, within the first few minutes of my interview, I knew it was somewhere I wouldn’t just be a number. It was somewhere that felt comfortable. The thing I like most about my job is how I interact with so many people. I enjoy getting to know people and learning about them, and with this job, it’s easy to do! I think ASG would be a good company for a college graduate because they work hard to train you from the ground up. The owners, managers, and my coworkers care about your wellbeing and want you to live up to your potential!”

– Elizabeth, Technical Recruiter 

“I have worked at ASG for seven and half years now. When I graduated from school, I was looking for a company where I could make an immediate impact. I chose to work at ASG because I like the small office in Kansas City that had a lot of upward mobility. My Favorite part about being a technical recruiter at ASG is the impact I make in people’s lives. Changing jobs is a major life event. I like the ability to help people find that job and make the transition. I believe ASG would make for a good company for a College Graduate entering the workforce because the Tech Industry is a great one to be in. ASG provides a good experience and the opportunity to grow within the organization.”

-Matt, Senior Technical Recruiter

“I started ASG in 2015 right out of college. When I started, I knew very little about the IT staffing industry coming out of school and ASG made that transition much easier with their training and onboarding. The company allows you to be autonomous while still providing the support needed to start something brand new.”

-Tim, Account Manager

“I started ASG in 2019. I accepted a job offer from ASG right out of college. I was first introduced to the company at a college career fair. What drew me to the company is that it wasn’t an extremely large and overwhelming company. I enjoyed the tight-knit feel of the company. Everyone knows each other and works closely together. I also like how the company has a work-hard play- hard mentality. They encourage you to work hard and celebrate their employee’s success and accomplishments. I believe ASG is a good company for students right out of college because of the fun culture, great training, and friendly people!”

-Maggie, Administrative and Marketing Specialist

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If you like what you have read so far about ASG please feel free to upload your resume on our website, or email us if you have any questions. We are always looking for dynamic and driven people to join our team. We have immediate openings in multiple geographic markets. If you are a match, you will enjoy exceptional perks and one-of-a-kind culture. We offer comprehensive training, opportunities for advancement, and potential unlimited earnings. Apply here today!

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